This is the Phunsites Package Builder.
This minimalist service allows you to build FreeBSD™ packages for the armv6-platform for the Raspberry Pi. arvm6 is currently classifed as non-Tier1, thus does not receive prebuilt packages during the regurlar release cycles. This service exists to fill in the gap. In the future, there may be support to build packages for other non-Tier1-platforms as well.
Now, instead of compiling the packages yourself, which is an especially long-lasting process when on the Raspberry Pi itself, the package builder will do this daunting job for you.

If you are looking for i386 or amd64 packages, please turn around and head out for the official FreeBSD™ mirrors as there is already official upstream packages for these architectures.

Service Rules


In most cases, you'll want to configure the "current" rolling release repository to get most recent package updates. The rolling release repository tracks a monthly ports snapshot, so will always include newer software releases. Select the desired repository from the dropdown list to create the pkg config snippet.

Alternatively, you may configure a distinct repository of a given port snapshot. Port snapshots will not be updated to track for newer releases, thus releases remain stable. Port snapshots are mainained for up to three months, so packages requested to build will be included in the three most recent repositories only.

Unsure which repository to take? If in doubt, use the xfbsd....-current repository. If you're encountering missing ports, you may want to look into the vfbsd....-current repository as well. Still unsure? Have a look at the FAQ.

Request Package Build

Missing a package in the current selection? Select a port from the list below and enqueue it to have the package built.
Observed a missing port? Check out the FAQ.